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Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato and others partner with Delhi government to deliver via electric vehicles
Welcoming LGBTQs and acid attack survivors, these job fairs aim to step up corporate India’s inclusivity
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Samant Goel is the new R&AW chief, Arvind Kumar to be Intelligence Bureau Head
BSNL employees support its management, says its expanding customer base
Facebook might start treating deep fakes differently than fake news, says Mark Zuckerberg
The Uber executive who was linked to some of the company's biggest scandals was reportedly vetted by Trump for a Cabinet position
Walmart reveals it's planning an Amazon Prime Day counterattack with thousands of deals
In a 'lost city' in the Honduran rainforest, researchers have discovered 3 animals thought to be extinct
The 3 countries that have sent F-35s into combat just combined their stealth fighter firepower for the first time
Samsung is reportedly bringing back the classic flip phone design with a new foldable device
Intel is putting about 8,500 patents on the auction block as the chip giant exits the 5G smartphone market
India’s new ‘Space Activities Bill’ will fix the liability for damage caused in outer space
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