A Delhi journalist couple move to adopt a baby girl left on the streets

  • A video of a new-born baby laying on a garbage mound, went viral a few days back.
  • Journalist Vinod Kapri and his wife Sakshi Joshi, a TV anchor approached authorities to adopt the baby girl.
  • The baby girl is under medical supervision in JLN Government hospital.
A journalist couple from Delhi have come forward to adopt a baby girl who was left abandoned on a garbage mound in Nagaur, Rajasthan. A video the baby girl had gone viral a few days back, and attracted the attention of the nation.

Journalists Vinod Kapri and his wife Sakshi Joshi who watched the moving video, have appealed to the authorities to kickstart the process. The couple had travelled from Noida to Nagaur to enquire about the baby, and started the legal adoption process after they learnt that the baby’s health is improving.

The six-day old baby is currently under medical supervision in Nagaur’s Jawaharlal Nehru Government hospital, after she was rescued.

After battling for her life, the newborn is now stable. "The present condition of the child is stable, however, she is having a recurring problem in breathing," said Dr Mula Ram of JLN Hospital told India Today.

Kapri is a filmmaker and journalist by profession and his wife Joshi, is an anchor at News 24 India. The baby girl has been given a new name Pihu by the journalist couple

The journalist couple met the Nagaur District Collector in order to enquire about the legal procedure. “We are trying our best to initiate the legal procedure in order to adopt the child. In this regard me and my wife met the Nagaur Collector in order to understand the adoption procedure,” Kapri said.

They are requesting across the board, to make sure that they can bring the baby home. In a Tweet, Vinod appealed to the Minister of Textiles, Smriti Irani, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harshavardhan and Congress leader Sachin Pilot, to help in fast track the process.

Kapri has been keeping everyone updated about Pihu’s condition. “The whole Kapri family is dying to have her in the family. We will try our best to adopt her as per rules and guidelines,” Joshi said in a Tweet.
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