A Nobel Laureate's presentation to Amity students on his journey to one of the highest honours will leave you in awe of Sir Richard J Roberts

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Nobel Laureate Sir Richard J Roberts presented 'The Path to The Nobel Prize" during his lecture to Amity students today, and a trip down his memory lane left the students inspired by his overwhelming achievements.

He was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of introns in eukaryotic DNA and the mechanism of gene-splicing.

Born in 1943 in Derby, England, his father was a motor mechanic and mother a homemaker.

Sir Richard J Roberts wanted to be a detective at first, in in his first-hand account on the Nobel Prize online portal, he says - " At this time I wanted to be a detective, where it seemed they paid you to solve puzzles. This changed quickly when I received a chemistry set as a present. I soon exhausted the experiments that came with the set and started reading about less mundane ones. More interesting apparatus like Bunsen burners, retorts, flasks and beakers were purchased. My father, ever supportive of my endeavors, arranged for the construction of a large chemistry cabinet complete with a formica top, drawers, cupboards and shelves. This was to be my pride and joy for many years. Through my father, I met a local pharmacist who became a source of chemicals that were not in the toy stores. I soon discovered fireworks and other concoctions. Luckily, I survived those years with no serious injuries or burns. I knew I had to be a chemist."

Here started his journey of explorations and discoveries. The presentation he delivered at Amity today perfectly sums up his life and achievements that led him to the Nobel Prize, take a look: The path to the nobel prize
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