A Pizza Hut Apologizes For Its Ad Seeking 'Good Looking Girls'

Pizza Hut CMO- SP


A Pizza Hut in Surrey, England, is apologizing after taking out an ad on Gumtree in which the establishment sought "decent good looking girls" for a hostessing position.

The ad, Grubstreet points out, stayed online for several weeks before UK corporate got involved.

The ad in full: Pizza Hut Leatherhead looking for full time and part time car drivers. Need to have your own car. We are also looking for a decent good looking girls [sic] for Reception. That role is just part time.Advertisement

Grubstreet reports,

The corporate office quickly called it "an individual error of judgment" and form of discrimination that's definitely against Pizza Hut policy, while the town's chamber of commerce president got furious enough to demand "their head on a block" and wonder why there weren't procedures to keep something so wrong "from happening."