A weird Gmail bug has tons of people sending emails to the wrong contacts

Gmail autosuggest

Business Insider

Double-check the "To" field in the next email you send, if you're a Gmail user.

Google's mail service seems to have a bug in its auto-suggest feature that's causing a bunch of people to send messages to the wrong contacts. Instead of auto-completing to the most-used contact when people start typing a name into the "To" field, it seems to be prioritizing contacts that they communicate with less frequently. 

New York City venture capitalist Fred Wilson just posted about the problem, writing that he got a bunch of emails yesterday that were clearly not meant for him, but people are complaining about it all over Twitter,  too. 


The bug doesn't seem to be affecting all users (I haven't noticed anything funny, for example), but it's definitely not an isolated problem, based on the Twitter response. 

Google just acknowledged the problem via its official Twitter account:

Business Insider reached out to Google to get more details about what's going on, but in the meantime, take it slow!  

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