After Air India, Jet Airways restricts food choices on domestic flights

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You may have to reduce your dependency on meals they serve on domestic flights. After Air India, Jet Airways is going to give you fewer food preferences on flights.

Whether you are flying economy or business class, you will have restricted food options on Jet Airways flight as the airliner has trimmed down its list of meal preferences for domestic passengers from 23 to a just seven.

This means, if you have food allergies-get your own food.

A Jet Airways spokesperson told The Times of India, “Going by trends we have seen certain special meal options have a higher consumption pattern than others on our domestic flights. While finalising our list of special meals available to our domestic flyers, we have ensured meal options like the fruit platter to be included to serve guests requesting bland food or gluten free meals. The special meals served on board Jet Airways' domestic flights are Child Meal/Baby Meal/ Jain Meal/Diabetic Meal/Fruit Platter, and all- time popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian meals.''

When checked on Jet Airways website, there was no option of child meal and baby meal. Meal options available for domestic flights were vegetarian/non-vegetarian, Jain, diabetics vegetarian/non-vegetarian, fruit platter and Muslim.

This is not new for the passengers as recently Air India also trimmed down its food menu to cut costs.

However, Air India is still giving you 15 special meal options that consists of children, vegan, Jain, gluten-free, low-calorie, lacto-ovo, raw, Oriental, Kosher, etc.

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