Amazing New GoPro Footage Shows What Felix Baumgartner Saw During His 128,000-Foot Space Jump

Ever wondered what it's like to freefall toward earth from 128,000 feet?

Well, the high-definition portable camera company GoPro just released some incredible footage from daredevil Felix Baumgartner's 2012 space jump that shows exactly what he saw while he hurtled through space at 843.6 miles per hour.

(Things get good at about the 3 minute mark. As a warning, some of the footage might make you a little dizzy.)

Baumgartner's October 2012 jump broke the world record for the parachute jump from the highest altitude, as well as the record for the jump with the greatest freefall velocity. The stunt was put on and recorded by Red Bull, but only included a moment or two of footage from Baumgartner's perspective when it was originally posted on YouTube.

The new footage from GoPro allows viewers to see and hear Baumgartner preparing for his big jump ("Sometimes you have to get up really high to see how small you are," he says.), as well as his perspective as he spins rapidly toward earth.

The whole thing is pretty incredible, and speaks to GoPro's ability to capture the sort of extraordinary moments that we haven't previously been able to see on camera. The company will also air a 30-second Super Bowl ad showing a third person view of Baumgartner disappearing into space.

Here's what that looks like: