An Extremist Muslim Hacking Group Appears To Have Accidentally Attacked A Small Trip-Planning Website


HackedTravelWest/ASTIt seems odd that a Tunisian hacking group would hit a local bus timetable.

A bus website in southwest England has been attacked by hackers who appear to be from an extremist Muslim cyberterrorism group. It's an odd choice of target, and some think the organization might have confused the website with a more prominent site, the Bristol Post reports.

Advertisement was hit by a cyberattack on New Year's Day by Darkshadow of the "Arab Security Team." The AST took control of the website on Thursday. provides listings of bus times and routes for trip planning. 

As of noon GMT on Friday the website was back online. It previously brought up an ominous-looking black and white page declaring "Hacked By darkshadow," alongside further information and what looked to be Arabic script. 

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The AST Facebook page indicates the hackers are based in Tunisia, north Africa. It is wholly unclear why Muslim hackers would decide to bother with a local bus timetable in southwest England. 

The Bristol Post say it is believed the organization might have confused the trip-planning site, probably used by only a handful of people a day, for a "more influential one promoting traveling around the Western world."


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