An Indian-origin student sues Oxford University for 'boring teaching' that 'ruined his career'

An Indian-origin student sues Oxford University for 'boring teaching' that 'ruined his career'Had it not been for the "boring teaching" by Oxford teachers, Faiz Siddiqui could have had a high-flying career as an international commercial lawyer. This is what this Indian-origin student who studied modern history at Oxford University back in 2000, claimed as he decided to sue the college 16 years later.

He blamed getting a second class degree and loss of earnings in his career as a lawyer on Oxford staff's "negligent" teaching of his specialist subject course on Indian imperial history. Siddiqui now suffers from depression and insomnia. He equates everything that has gone in his life to his "disappointing examination results".

The Sunday Guardian reported - Siddiqui's barrister Roger Mallalieu informed the court that the problem came down to four of the seven staff teaching Asian history being on sabbatical leave at the same time during the 1999-2000 academic year. He singled out the "boring" standard of tuition that Siddiqui had received from David Washbrook, an expert on the history of southern India between the 18th and 20th centuries. "There is no personal criticism of Washbrook. Our target is on the university's back for allowing this to happen," Mallalieu further told the court. He claimed that the eminent historian's teaching had suffered from the "intolerable" pressure of the staff shortages on the course.


Oxford University, meanwhile, argued that the claim is baseless and should be struck out because of the number of years that have passed since Siddiqui graduated. Julian Milford, the university's barrister, denied that Siddiqui's case had any substance even as he admitted that "circumstances were difficult" during that year.

A judgment in the matter is expected later this month.