This video analytics tool is all set to change the way brands and advertisers look at digital marketing


A 2015 Nielsen report revealed that approximately 78% of regular internet users in India watch or download digital content such as videos, television shows, or movies online. India’s online video viewership has also doubled since 2011.

With the rapid rise of smartphones and internet penetration in India, it is certain that the demand for online videos will only grow further. Infact, viewership of online content on mobile devices is already on the rise, especially among millennials, who have transitioned from traditional TV viewing and now consume content anytime and anywhere.

Understandably, this presents an exciting opportunity for brands and advertisers when it comes to creating effective digital marketing campaigns with videos.

The only hurdle in front of them is to find a platform that would let them understand the viewership patterns of their target audience so as to maximize their reach.

And, this is the exact problem Mindshare and Vidooly are looking to solve.


Vidooly, India’s only video analytics startup recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Mindshare, a global media agency that’s present in 90 countries to co-create and launch a platform that would make the lives of brands and advertisers much easier.

The two companies co-created a tool called ‘Kyve’ that acts as a platform for brands and advertisers to track and understand their online video viewership.

Touted as a new age online video data science platform, Kyve will enable advertisers and brands to understand viewer’s consumption as well as their engagement by providing insights into the viewership habits of their target audience.

At the same time, the data gathered from the platform will also let Mindshare India to scan, seed and strategize end to end digital video and content strategies for brands. Another advantage of the tool is that it can leverage its platform for precise brand targeting on online videos in order to eliminate audience spillage and further measure the success of video campaigns.

“In an adaptive world it is important to track genres of content that is popular with users. The ‘Kyve’ tool is the first of its kind to track the user journey of online viewership and develop a video strategy that is weaved into the consumer conversation. We at Mindshare are hopeful that ‘Kyve’ will redefine the way brands advertise,” explained Prashanth Kumar, CEO, Mindshare, South Asia.

According to Subrat Kar, CEO and co-founder of Vidooly, the aim is to ensure that Kyve becomes the go-to tool for any brand or advertiser who wants to execute an online video campaign effectively and yield and optimal ROI.