Apple fans are returning their new MacBook Pros that cost a minimum of $2,800 because they can't reach the advertised performance speeds

2018 mbp core i9 in freezer


  • Apple recently released new MacBook Pro models, which can be configured with Intel's Core i9 processor.
  • The most affordable MacBook Pro with an i9 processor can be had for around $2,800.
  • Unfortunately, owners of the new MacBook Pro with the i9 processor are finding their computers are having a difficult time reaching the advertised 2.9GHz speeds - mainly because the laptop's built-in cooling system can't keep up with the intense heat that the Core i9 produces.

You'll have to put the brand spanking new 2018 MacBook Pro with the Core i9 processor option in a freezer to get the advertised 2.9GHz speeds.

At least, that's what Dave Lee from the Dave2D YouTube channel did to get the most out of his 2018 MacBook Pro with a Core i9 processor.

Before putting it in the freezer, Lee's 2018 MacBook Pro with a Core i9 actually performed worse than a 2017 MacBook Pro running a Core i7. "This i9 in this MacBook can't even maintain the base clock speed," Lee said in his video.

mbp 2018 i9 test


Faster times are better in this test.

That's because the 15-inch MacBook Pro's built-in cooling system couldn't keep up with the intense heat that the Core i9 produces as a result of its incredible performance. When it gets too hot, the Core i9 automatically slows itself down to prevent damaging itself in what's called "thermal throttling." Apparently, Core i9 in the 2018 MacBook Pro throttles itself even before it reaches its 2.9GHz base clock speed.

Only after putting his Core i9 MacBook Pro in a freezer did Lee get better performance than the Core i7 model.

core i9 mbp test


Indeed, putting the Core i9 MacBook Pro in a freezer would help cool down the processor enough to reach higher speeds without thermal throttling.

It's something that non-YouTubers have discovered, too, as shown by Reddit users. After the discovery, some are cancelling their orders of the Core i9 MacBook Pro, returning it, or thinking about about returning it.

Reddit user jonlb87 said "Was supposed to pick up my i9 tonight. Looks like I'll be canceling it." Redditor IDoHaveWorkToDo said "I returned my i9 2018 MBP today. It never once hit its advertised turbo speed--not even for a fraction of a second. It failed to maintain base clock. "

2018 macbook pro


The 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Core i9 processor.

Lee compared the Core i9 8950HK chip in the 2018 MacBook Pro with a different, slightly less powerful Core i9 8750H chip in a Windows laptop, the Gigabyte Aero 15X. The Aero 15X was able to surpass the i9 8750H's rated 2.2GHz base clock speed up to 3.1GHz. Still, it couldn't reach the i9 8750H's 4.1GHz turbo-boost.

Keeping the Aero 15X's less powerful Core i9 in mind, it shows that Windows laptops also have trouble cooling the powerful new i9 processor.

core i9 testing dave2d


Summing it all up, it looks like Apple slapped a Core i9 into a MacBook Pro design that was never meant to support such power and heat.

Redditor bogey-spades said "What blows my mind is that somehow either Apple was ignorant of this issue, or Apple knew it and released it anyways. It's either ignorance or belligerence, and neither are good."

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