Apple is relegating the iPod to an 'accessory' in a new shake-up of its Stores


People Shopping Apple Store

Flickr / mhodges

Apple customers will be able to walk in and pick up an iPod.

The latest Apple Store revamp doesn't bode well for the iPod.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple will be relocating its iPod stock in US stores next Tuesday night. Customers coming in that Wednesday morning will be able to pick up the refreshed iPod line from Apple Store accessory walls. iPods have typically been stored in the back of Apple's stores, along with its iPhones, iPads and Macs.

While the iPod hasn't been given the same yearly update as Apple's higher-yielding products for some time, Apple did update the iPod Touch and bring out new colours for the iPod Nano and Shuffle in July. But with the launch of Apple Music, the company removed the iPod from the front page of its online website and store, giving its tab to the new music streaming service. Now the in-store purchase experience of the iPod has been changed too, and the device will be kept next to other accessories like iPhone cases and headphones.
Apple will also remove the aging iPad 2, which has been used to display details of pricing and specs next to new products since 2011. The pricing information will now be displayed on display iPads, iPhones and Macs themselves. Apple is going to use the space it saves to display more products, 9to5Mac says. The Apple Watch will still have iPad Minis to display information though.

Apple is constantly making changes to its store experience. It recently changed the precise angle at which all laptop screens must be displayed at its stores by six degrees.

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