Apple just launched a bunch of new features for your Mac

MacBook Air ip6

Flickr/Alejandro Pinto

Apple's big new update for the Mac, El Capitan, is now available in the Mac App Store to download.

Like iOS 9, Apple's most recent software update for the iPhone and iPad, El Capitan adds subtle features that are helpful and make multitasking easier.

It's not a major physical change, so your Mac won't look or feel any different once you install the new software.
Some of the most useful new features in El Capitan include:
  • A new Split View, which lets you divide your screen between two different apps at the same time
  • An improved Notes app that allows you to make checklists, draw sketches, share Safari links, and more
  • A better Spotlight Search that makes it easier to search using your natural language
  • The ability to search for the weather, stocks, and sports scores using Spotlight Search
  • General performance improvements

Like Yosemite and Mavericks, El Capitan is completely free. In years past, Apple has charged $20 for software updates.