Apple's iWatch Is Running Into Some Small Problems, According To A New Report


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Apple's iWatch is running into some "bumps", according to a new report from Jessica Lessin at The Information.


Lessin doesn't have a ton of details, and frankly, this sounds mostly like routine bumps in the process of building a new product, but it's still worth noting.

Here's what Lessin is hearing:

  • Apple has had trouble settling on a screen technology. It's having battery issues, so it's considered trying new screen tech.
  • Apple "halted advanced prototyping of some unknown pieces with one manufacturer late last year" but she also notes that Apple shifts manufacturers all the time, so this might not mean anything.
  • Bryan James, who was working on the iWatch, has gone to Nest. James worked on iPods, and has a patent for Apple with Nest founder Matt Rogers on a watch-like device. (Rogers used to be at Apple.)

The James news seems to be the most distressing, if you're Apple. The company can't afford to lose top talent.

Still, all of this sounds fairly mundane.


As a reminder, read this about the creation of the original iPhone. It's really hard to make new products.