Aside From The Royal Baby's First Word, Here Are 7 More Weird Bets You Can Make Right Now


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Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett

The world is flipping out over the new royal baby boy, with gutsy bettors still gambling on the future heir's name.


The Irish betting site Paddy Power gave out 500:1 odds on Fergie. The risk, it seems, did not pay off for Team Fergie.

But you can also bet on the prince's first word, university, career, first overseas visit, and even the age at which the young royal is first photographed at a nightclub.

While sports betting remains Paddy Power's bread and butter, the site offers a range of these kinds of "novelty" bets.

So here are the 7 strangest non-royal baby things you can bet on right now (and their odds).


1. Will Obama close Guantanamo Bay?

Yes (9/4)

No (2,7)

2. The first to leave the band One Direction.

Liam Payne (7/4)


Harry Styles (5/2)

Niall Horan (7/2)

Zayn Malik (7/2)

Louis Tomlinson (6/1)

3. Will the next James Bond be black?


Yes (4/1)

No (1/7)

4. When will alien life be proven?

2013 (25/1)

2014 (80/1)


2015 (100/1)

2016 (100/1)

2017 (100/1)

2018 (100/1)

5. How will Julian Assange leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London?


UK police car (11/10)

Ecuadorian state car (7/4)

Helicopter (7/1)

Diplomatic bag (20/1)

Laundry van (100/1)


Hot air balloon (150/1)

Tunnel (200/1)

Jet pack (500/1)

6. Who will play Edward Snowden in the film? (top 5)

Jake Gyllenhaal (10/1)


Ed Norton (12/1)

Ryan Gosling (16/1)

Sam Worthington (20/1)

Jeremy Renner (20/1)

7. Will 2013 be a White Christmas?


Chicago (5/6)

New York (2/1)

London (4/1)

Paris (10/1)

Madrid (12/1)