Automation is going to eat up jobs in India and tech advancement is not going to spare China as well

With technology advancing every hour, the clamour for automation is growing and as per the World Bank automation is going to eat up major chunk of jobs.

As per a World Bank research, automation is going to take away 69% of the jobs in India. Even China will feel the heat as automation will eat up 77% jobs in the country.

"As we continue to encourage more investment in infrastructure to promote growth, we also have to think about the kinds of infrastructure that countries will need in the economy of the future. We all know that technology has and will continue to fundamentally reshape the world," said World Bank President Jim Kim.


World Bank stated Africa will also not be spared and automation will take away jobs in large parts of Africa.

"Now, if this is true, and if these countries are going to lose these many jobs, we then have to understand what paths to economic growth will be available for these countries and then adapt our approach to infrastructure accordingly," said Kim.

Mechanisation and technology have disrupted traditional industrial production, upended manual jobs and call time on the work that has been done by generations of families. This trend is not isolated to the US. It is affecting people in countries everywhere, Kim said.


(Image: Thinkstock)