Business Insider India is Hiring

Business Insider India has seen an extremely happening and fruitful year in 2015-16 and has therefore taken to expanding its editorial team and is now hiring for many exciting roles across Delhi and Bangalore. Pay packages will be competent with the industry and designations are negotiable basis experience and capabilities.

All applicants must possess the following skills:

· 3-5 years relevant experience
· Ability to write impeccable, conversational copies that are smart, engaging, timely, and accurate

· Creative, outside-the-box thinker
· A knack for finding new and interesting stories within beats
· Ability to stay organized, meet deadlines, and work well under pressure, while adapting to fast-paced organizational changes
· Understand Business Insider’s audience and writing style
· Experience using Photoshop and content management systems is a plus, but not required


Startup and IT Correspondent
Location: Bangalore
· 3-5 yrs experience covering StartUps and the IT Sector
· Ability to break news and write out of the box stories from within the beat
· A good hold and understanding of developments in most companies based out of Bangalore
· In-roads in to top and mid-management levels of all big IT companies

· Writing interesting human stories from these companies
· Ability to closely track and report on all trends and happening in start-ups
· Covering IT and Start-Up events in Bangalore

Economy and Finance Correspondent
Location: Delhi

· 3-5 yrs experience covering economic and financial sector developments
· In-roads in to the Finance Ministry for all big economy/financial policy related news
· In-roads into most big Banks to track and report on key developments in the sector and the Banks
· Ability to write knowledgeably about big policy changes and financial sector news and their impact on the common man
· Ability to write about the state of the economy and impact of global economic conditions on India


Tech Correspondent
Location: Delhi
· 3-5 yrs experience covering developments in the technology sector
· In-roads into NASSCOM to break news regarding new innovations and developments in the sector, including writing about start-ups in this sector
· In-roads into Telecom Companies to write about the biggest developments in the companies and sector
· In-roads into the IT and Telecom Ministry to write informed articles about policy decisions like Net Neutrality and their impact on the industry

· A good understanding of the latest and biggest consumer gadgets launched/to-be launched and writing about them from the consumer’s point of view, not that of a gadget geek.

Politics Correspondent
Location: Delhi
· 3-5 yrs experience covering politics and political parties
· In-Roads in to BJP and Congress for writing opinionated pieces on latest developments

· A good understanding of how economic policies impact politics to write informed analytical pieces on the developments
· Ability to understand and write informed, analytical pieces during Parliament sessions and elections

If you are interested in applying, send your Resume and a Cover Letter of 400 words to

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