Chevy Had The Perfect Response To The Awkward World Series Trophy Presentation


Chevy Colorado

Fox Sports

Chevy added "and stuff" to the voiceover at the end of its truck commercial.

Chevrolet got some unexpected attention this week when its presentation of a Chevrolet Colorado to World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner turned into an awkward flubbing of lines.


Rikk Wilde became an internet sensation known simply as "Chevy Guy" when he appeared nervous, out of breath, and at one point said the truck has "um, you know, technology and stuff."

Instead of going into crisis mode or burying their heads in the sand, Chevy pulled off a genius move. They embraced the moment and ran with it.

One day after World Series, Chevy edited the end of their new commercial for the Colorado. Instead of "you know you want a truck, the all-new Chevy Colorado," the voice at the end of the commercial now says "the all-new Chevy Colorado, you know you want a truck ... and stuff."



Here is the original commercial.

It didn't take long for "technology and stuff" to become a meme.

Here is Chevy Guy at the World Series.