Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Got 15 Million Pre-Orders For Its Newest Phablet


xiaomi redmi note


Xiaomi, the buzzy Chinese smartphone maker, had 15 million pre-orders for its latest device, the RedMi Note.


That's a mind-boggling, impressive number.

But earlier today, Xiaomi had a lot of people freaking out when it tweeted that it got a whopping 122 million pre-orders for the phone.

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xiaomi tweet 122 million pre-orders


According to a Xiaomi spokesperson, the tweet is wrong. The company actually got 15 million pre-orders for the RedMi Note. That's still huge though. Apple, for example, sold 9 million iPhones the weekend the iPhone 5S launched.


It's unclear why Xiaomi tweeted the wrong number. In fact, the tweet links to a report from news a site that's not even affiliated with Xiaomi. It's possible something got lost in translation here.

The RedMi Note is Xiaomi's first phablet. It has a 5.5-inch screen, 13 megapixel camera, and a large battery for extended use. But what's more impressive is that the phone only costs about $130. Most high-end phablets cost at least $600.

Xiaomi phones are growing in popularity in China. Through its online store, the company often sells out new models within a few minutes. It also has a devoted fan base, so some people have called it the "Apple of China."

This year, Xiaomi plans to ramp up its international expansion. It already sells phones in Taiwan and Singapore. Soon, it'll move to other emerging markets like India and Brazil.