DO NOT BUY AN IPAD MINI: Apple Is Going To Have A Much Better Model In Two Months

iPad Mini


Wait two more months, and you'll be as stoked as this guy about your new iPad Mini.

If you've been waiting to buy an iPad Mini, your wait is going to be rewarded.

Apple is going to release a new iPad Mini with a high-resolution screen later this year, Bloomberg reports. Two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal reported the same thing, so it seems like a certainty.

The new iPad Mini will probably be released in October, along with an update to the big iPad, which is getting redesigned to be thinner and lighter. Advertisement

Apple's long quiet period of no new products is finally over. In addition to these iPads, it's also rolling out a new iPhone in September.

This means this is just about the worst possible time to buy a new iPhone or new iPad. Unless, it's an emergency, you should wait.

When Apple releases the new iPad Mini, the current iPad Mini will probably fall in price. And, the iPad Mini will get a better screen, along with better guts. The bigger iPad might even be so lightweight that it's once again competitive with the iPad Mini.

Basically, you don't know until you see it. So, you might as well wait.