These simple tips will help you deal with your mid career crisis

From an excited fresher to being an experienced resource, you are doing quite well in your career until, you feel there is something amiss in it. You love your job but you aren’t happy. Well, welcome to the MCC club. MCC or mid career crisis is a common bug that bites people, who have been working non-stop for at least a decade and over. If you feel you have hit the block and going through MCC, these few simple tips will help you deal with the big MCC!

Take a break

No, we aren’t asking you to quit your job and take a sabbatical. Remember, you are at such a level where you would be having financial and other personal obligations and hence, quitting your job may not be the best idea. Instead, we are asking you to take at least a few days off from office. Switch off the mobile and disconnect with your corporate world to reconnect with nature. This will not only help you rejuvenate but will also help you sort out things mentally.

Bid adieu to your comfort zone

When work becomes mundane and monotonous, understand that you have been in a comfort zone for too long. While it may feel safe doing the same job, it is equally important to break free from playing safe all the time. Expand your horizons, talk to your seniors about what you feel and what you feel you want to do.

Figure out what you really want to do

We mean that you may be a part of the corporate churn but do you really want to continue there? Are there other aspirations that you probably have forgotten in your bid to be successful in the rat race? Think of them and try to understand if you want to pursue them. But before you venture out into unknown terrain, it would be advisable that you make are prepared well for the risks as well.

Pursue your hobbies

Often, a lot of people tend to let go of their hobbies in a bid to pay more attention to their career. This is probably the time to get back and pursue them. If you like spirituality, join a spiritual group or if you have always enjoyed crafting, you should think about learning it professionally. Pursuing your hobbies are a great way to relax your mind and they also help you learn something new.

Stay positive

As cliché it may sound, a professional going through MCC must remember that the phase is temporary and will not last long. Having an optimistic attitude will help you sail through many challenges of life including the mid career crisis.