Demonetization effect: You can book a helper to stand in ATM lines for Rs 90 with this start-up

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BookMyChotu is a unique start-up focusing on providing you with a helper for particular occasions at an affordable price point.

This start-up has been around for some months but recently after the demonetization move, it has started marketing itself cleverly. Don’t be fooled by the name as they only have male workers above 18 years of age.

You can book a helper for Rs. 90 per hour to stand in an ATM queue for you and be assured that you will definitely get that money withdrawal even if you don’t have the patience to go to an ATM and do it yourself.

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The start-up also provides you with helpers for other occasions like house parties, cleaning services etc.

After Modi’s surprise move on the 8th of November, many digital businesses and start-ups are using this inconvenience to their advantage and creating a market for themselves.

While this start-up was also showcased at The Vault- a reality TV show that offers a platform for start-ups to get funding after pitching right then and there, it didn’t manage to get any funding on the show.

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