EXCLUSIVE: Using this team messenger can help in reducing your Carbon footprint

EXCLUSIVE: Using this team messenger can help
in reducing your Carbon footprint

Humans cannot survive a single day without energy because we need it to power our homes, travel to work, to keep our gadgets running, and for transporting, processing, packing, and all the other steps involved in the work industry.

And using all this energy comes with a price that is not just limited to your bill – it’s the amount of carbon dioxide we emit through burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil.

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Human activities generate greenhouse gas emissions every day which contributes to his or her carbon footprint.
These emissions accumulate in the atmosphere, causing the earth to grow warmer. The effects are what we now experience as climate change.We can’t stop climate change but small changes in the way we live, and work can help reduce our carbon emissions.

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Flock is a Team Messenger packed with productivity innovations which are scalable to any number of users and has a simple, clutter-free and intuitive interface. Users can also connect their most frequently used external apps and services directly into Flock, bringing all their information to one platform from multiple platforms.

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According to the company, Flock is helping reduce workplace's carbon footprint by:

1) To reduce in-person meetings on an average by 55%
2) 8/10 customers have seen at least 30% increase in productivity

By reducing the number of meetings and the travel time, the messenger is not just helping with your productivity but also helping the planet.