Elections 2019: Goa switches plastic with bamboo for eco-friendly polling

Women voters wait for their turn to cast their votes for the third phase of 2019 Lok Sabha elections at a polling booth at Sao Pedro in Ribandar, Goa on April 23, 2019.IANS

Electioneering in Goa had a green touch to it this time round, with bamboo products replacing plastic items, as far as bulk of poll-related paraphernalia is concerned.

According to Chief Electoral Officer Kunal, the focus this time round was to keep the electioneering as plastic-free as possible and utilise eco-friendly material in the poll process.

"We have used baskets made of bamboo. Even the thread was largely made from bamboo. These were all made by artisans from Goa. We had procured them through Department of Handicraft. So it has been a very welcome change for this election," Kunal said.

Poll-related material was given to official polling teams in the fancy bamboo-woven bags when they departed to their respective polling stations on Monday evening, rather than in standard plastic containers as has been the norm for the past elections.

Even the thread, which was used to tie poll paraphernelia was made of woven bamboo splinters.

"Even during the voter education exercise, we were trying to discard the use of plastic materials. Our banners were made of cloth rather than flex items. So we had minimised the use of plastic items and maximised the use of eco-friendly materials," Kunal said.

Elections for two Lok Sabha seats and three assembly bypolls were held in Goa on April 23.
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