Facebook Wants To Give Brands A Way To See What You Post About Them


Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Even though people complain about things like flights, television shows, and products on their Facebook statuses, it's hard for the airlines, networks, and brands to actually gain access to those posts and respond.

Now, CNet reports, Facebook is working to give brands and media companies an easy way find those conversations so they can insert themselves and engage.

Business Development vice president Chris Daniels said at the LeWeb conference in Paris that Facebook's changes will be competitive with Twitter in regards to how easy it is for brands to see conversations about their products.Advertisement

But an airline elbowing in on "private" Facebook communications could be very intrusive, CNet points out.

More Facebook users would have to engage in public conversations by changing their privacy settings to allow companies to butt in when they're mentioned.