Facebook is helping the blind see!

Those who ridicule Facebook as only a social media site without any brains, cannot be more wrong. Facebook has got brain, eyes and mouth. Surprised? There’s more!

Facebook, one of the most important players of AI (Artificial Intelligence) research innovation, has come up with a new feature with which the blind can now see every picture with its vivid hues and colours. With a goal to build intelligent machines to help people in their daily lives, Facebook builds networks of simulated neurons studying patterns of behaviour of dogs.

The new feature reads the picture like a person with eyesight will depict it. You can see the colours, the smile, the trees, the people and the shades. Call up your mom and say you saw her picture on Facebook and also congratulate her on the number of likes and freak her out!

Science does not have better purpose to serve and Facebook stands out in this.

“We see AI as helping computers better understand the world, so they can be more helpful to people. We're still early with this technology and you can already start to imagine how helpful it will be in the future,” posts Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page.

Who knows, Facebook might grow ears soon!

(Image credits: biography)
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