Filings show a former Motorola exec is behind Snapchat's Spectacles


Former Motorola executive Seshadri Tangutur was the contact in charge for the Spectacles project, according to new FCC filings.

Tangutur, the former Corporate VP of Software for Motorola Mobility, joined Snapchat in February 2015 after being recruited by Steve Horowitz, one of its VPs for engineering, a source told Business Insider. What the pair were doing at Snapchat has been a secret. Tangutur doesn't list his title on his LinkedIn, and Horowitz doesn't even have one.

The new FCC filings link the Motorola team as part of the experienced, technical talent behind Snapchat's first push into consumer products.


The FCC filing shows the inside of the Snapchat Spectacles.

Snapchat applied in early September for the FCC to approve its new Spectacles since they use Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi. The FCC granted authorization for the new glasses on Monday, several days after Business Insider first published a leaked video of the finished product.

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