Five reasons you should stay at an Airbnb while travelling with your family

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Vacations are great, but what’s even better are vacations with your family.
There’s nothing like exploring a new part of the world with your loved ones, far away from the hustle-bustle of work meetings and responsibilities galore.

What makes a vacation even more memorable is your choice of accommodation.
Granted, you, your partner and children will be busy exploring the city all day and eating out at restaurants all night, but the fact of the matter still is- where you stay shapes the kind of vacation you’re going to have.

Think about it- if you happen to stay in a cramped up room, wouldn’t that directly impact your mood and in the process your holiday?

On the other hand, there’s nothing like a comfortable, cozy room that has pillows so soft that your head could sink in and a bed that may make you want to cancel all your day plans.

More often than not, the trouble with hotels is finding something of great value that fits the budget and meets your expectations. So, listen to us and ditch the hotels.
Opt for a homestay, apartment or a home instead. The advantages are countless. We’ll list five reasons why you should stay in an Airbnb while travelling with family-

1. Embracing the local culture: Exploring the city and referring to guidebooks can tell you only so much about your holiday destination. When you stay with locals, you have an added advantage of being able to witness firsthand the local traditions and the people apart from getting insights about the city’s hidden gems and thus experiencing moments that you won’t find in any guidebook. It’ll be the most fulfilling vacation you’ll ever have.


2. You have access to better amenities: When you choose an Airbnb, you don’t just get a room, but also a host of facilities and amenities that come with it. From a fully-stocked kitchen where you can make your own meals even while on holiday to free wifi, your accomodation will have it all.

3. Staying at better neighbourhoods: One of the biggest reasons why you should stay at an Airbnb is because you’ll get access to local neighbourhoods as almost all the Airbnb houses are in central locations where it can be impossible to find hotels. Moreover, that also means less travelling- as most of the sightseeing locations will be walking distance for you.
4. There’s so much more space available for you and your family: Unlike a hotel, you’re not booking just a room. You and your family are also getting access to a whole house. The luxury of space that an Airbnb will be able to give you is unparalleled. There’s no question of feeling cramped, you’ll live your holiday king-size.


5. It’ll still feel like home: After a tiring day of exploring the city and being out in the heat, what you really need is a homely couch to settle in and a hot cup of tea- something a hotel room might not be able to provide. Remember, hotels are the same all around the world unlike homes, which are unique and have its own culture and story. If you decide to stay in an Airbnb, not only will you have a home away from home, but will also not need to depend on room service to unwind.
So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Airbnb and find some lovely homestays that could be your new abode.