Flipkart has on-boarded many multi-talented people in the past ten years. Here are their stories.

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Flipkart marks ten years in India, this month and it’s been quite a ride for the company that employees over 8000 employees and 27,000 delivery staff.

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The e-commerce giant has on-boarded very interesting people who are pursuing different hobbies despite being a part of the real-time live e-commerce world. These people have either taken a sabbatical from work or are pursuing hobbies that can be aligned to the work they do at Flipkart which they find liberating.

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From playing football to playing music, these people are an inspiration to people who want to have a life away from work.

Check out their Flipkart stories.

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Pavan Powar, the Footballer

Pavan Powar, the Footballer
He’s been working at Flipkart since the last 2.5 years and has felt encouraged to fulfil his dream of playing football, professionally.

Playing football since school, he was encouraged to play professionally after college only after joining Flipkart.

With many other people enthused about the sport, he managed to create a football team that plays in tournaments, locally.

In fact, Powar even took a year long- sabbatical to pursue his passion for Football. His unfulfilled dream to play in Europe, lead him to apply to a distinguished football exchange program in Germany (German Pro IFX Year). His application amongst the thousands others paved a way for him to live his dream. Pavan is 25 and At Flipkart, he is a part of the Central Events and Growth Team where they take end-to-end ownership of all major Sale Events, ensuring that all teams and functions are aligned and working towards a common goal.

Powar feels that the employee-culture at Flipkart has led him to lead a fulfilling life where his job is not his life.

Anand Vijayasimha, the Singer

Anand Vijayasimha, the Singer
Anand is a multi talented Flipster, struck his first chord with music as a singer-songwriter by playing for a 5-piece psychedelic rock band from Bengaluru, 'Drones from the Turbine'.

Three years later,as he started working, he embarked solo on his musical journey, and today, has a new alternative project in the pipeline.

Anand is one of Bangalore's better known buskers and he was the first performer at Bangalore edition of Sofar Sounds, which are intimate impromptu performances.

He currently curated a podcast for Flipkart which he has been hosting with much flare since the past two years.

Arjun Paul, the Artist

Arjun Paul, the Artist
A Visual Designer, Illustrator and Photographer, Arjun Paul plays many artistic roles.
From casual doodles, intricate sketches, to digital illustrations, his work seamlessly transcends the bounds of traditional as well as digital media

In addition to his core responsibilities at Flipkart, he also curates FlipTales, one of Flipkart Stories' flagship properties. In his free time, he can be seen puttering around town on his Royal Enfield Classic 500. Arjun is 25 Years old and has previously worked with OML. He says that the corporate has maintained its’ start-up culture despite its growth.

Prarabdh Awasthi, the Athlete

Prarabdh Awasthi, the Athlete
Prarabdh is a triathlete who recently crossed the finish line of the Half Ironman course, and is now training to conquer the bigger race — the full Ironman challenge. At Flipkart, he is an Engineering Manager with Flipkart’s Promotions division and is responsible for defining his team’s vision, strategy, and accountability.

During his early days at Flipkart, Prarabdh suggested to the head of engineering to launch Flipkart’s shopping portal on the mobile Web. He was Flipkart’s first interns and hasn’t worked in any other company since he graduated.

He feels that the learnings and different roles that he’s experienced at Flipkart have shaped his life in a positive way. He participates in hard races that seem worth it in the end and that’s why Awasthi is game for the long-run at Flipkart.

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