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Fred Flintstone Will Be Replaced On The Fruity Pebbles Box By A Wrestler

There's some Yabba Dabba depressing news for Fred Flintstone fans.

The cartoon favorite is getting ousted from the Fruity Pebbles box in place of WWE star John Cena. While Flintstone isn't banished from the box completely — this promotion is just for 4 million boxes — Ad Age reports that Flintstone's starring role on the cereal box is going to be subdued because kids wanted some variety.

Cena, famous for wearing brightly colored costumes while wrestling, has been promoting Fruity Pebbles ever since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson started calling him Fruity Pebbles in the ring. In fact, if we are to directly quote him, before a fight Johnson told Cena to "enjoy your fruity pebbles, you Yabba Dabba b---h."
When WWE and Post, the parent company of Fruity Pebbles, made an endorsement deal after Johnson's spontaneous quip in January 2012, @The Rock Dwayne Johnson tweeted "I assume my royalty check for this is in the mail #YoureWelcomeJohn."

The deal also helps WWE cement its new endeavor to make its show TV-PG and family friendly. (In spite of the fact that some wrestlers hate the new, "corny" direction and have left the company because of it.)

But, as Ad Age's EJ Schultz clarifies, "As for the "Fruity Pebbles" moniker itself, the WWE says that merely refers to Mr. Cena's colorful gear, and nothing else."