Google Just Made It Much Easier To Prove You're Not A Robot

Google just made it easier to prove you're not a robot.

If you've every signed up for an online account or bought something online, you've probably encountered a CAPTCHA prompt, where you've been asked to type a portion of distorted text to prove you're not a spambot.

Turns out, Google's research recently showed that today's artificial intelligence (read: robots) can solve those CAPTCHA prompts with 99.8% accuracy. So, Google is introducing "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA," which allows users to just check a box to prove they're not a robot.Advertisement

How? Google developed an "Advanced Risk Analysis" algorithm which considers a user's interaction with the CAPTCHA before, during, and after the time that they click it.

Websites can now start using Google's new system on their own sites.

Now, instead of trying to decipher hard-to-read text, like this:

You'll just have to check a box:



Watch Google's full video demo: