Google Offers To Secure Gmail, Documents On Your New iPhone

iphone 6

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

Now that we've all seen Apple's new iPhone 6, Google has something to say: Go ahead and buy one. Bring it to work and we'll help you protect your Gmail and documents.

Google today announced a new tool it calls iOS Sync, which is says will beef up iPhone/iPad security for its Google Apps customers. It's for any iPhone or iPad customers using any flavor of Google Apps (Google Apps for Work, Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Government).

The new iOS tool brings to the iPhone and iPad the security features that Google rolled out to Android devices in May. Advertisement

It will, for instance, let IT departments set up access to a secure corporate network. And it will help IT departments enforce other security policies like making employees use safer passwords, encrypting data, even remotely wiping a device and blocking a lost or stolen device from access email and documents.

The security policies do not require the iPhone user to download an app. Google Apps administrators can activate iOS Sync and the Android version, "Google Apps Mobile Management for Android" through their Google Apps administration console. Users would be guided to enroll their phones when trying to access the corporate Gmail or Drive.

It also works with iOS 7 devices and will be available next week.