Google Search can now assimilate job postings from various websites in India

Google Search can now assimilate job postings from various websites in India
  • Google Search can show job postings in a mobile friendly format.
  • Any job site can make job postings available on Google search.
  • Google is assimilating the job postings. None of them are actually posted to Google.
For a country with 1.3 billion people, labour is never a problem. But that labour may not find jobs very easily.

The Internet helps, but it can often be like finding a needle in a larger stack of needles. That's a problem Google aims to solve, by assimilating job postings from various websites directly on Search.

How it works

Announced in an event in Delhi today, Google for Jobs is a mobile-first take on online job searches. It brings job search results from various partner websites and presents them in a mobile viewable format. To understand, consider how Google search shows you restaurant, local business and other results. Now imagine if those results were from job posting websites.

With this, you can directly search for jobs on Google search, or the Chrome address bar as many know it. Keywords like "jobs near me", "jobs for freshers", or more pointed job queries, like "journalism jobs", will show cards for candidates to choose jobs from.

To be clear, none of these jobs are actually posted on Google. The company can already recognise such searches and show results from various websites. However, those are just links with short descriptions, leading to the job sites. And most job sites aren't well optimised for mobile viewing. With the new initiative, they'll be displayed in a card-based format, in line with Google's material design philosophy. It works on desktop, Android and iOS platforms.

Google Search can now assimilate job postings from various websites in India


Once you click on a job posting, a more detailed description appears, along with a link to the partner website. You can read the job requirements here and click on the link to apply on the partner's website.

Google already has a bunch of partners onboard, including TimesJobs, Aasaanjobs, Fresherworld, Headhonchos, IBM Talent Management Solutions, LinkedIn, Quezx, QuikrJobs,, T-Jobs and Wisdomjobs. Notably, is missing from its list of partners right now, though Google says it's already speaking to Naukri.

To appear on Google's job results cards, partners have to make changes to their platform. That's done through Google's open documentation, which provides directions for job portals to make postings visible to the company's search algorithms. The algorithms will determine quality and placement while presenting all jobs to candidates.

The fact that Google only assimilates these results makes the company a facilitator, rather than a competitor. It's also not to be confused with Google Hire, a tool the company's been building for hiring managers, which is available only in the US right now.