Google's new 'inspired by India' product, YouTube Go

Google says they have been researching on YouTube Go in India for the past one year. Looking at the issues people face and the lengths people go to in order to view videos on YouTube, international tech giant, Google has come up with Youtube Go, inspired by India.

Google will be launching Youtube Go next year in India. Google had earlier launch YouTube Offline in the country that was very popular among the users. For the new product, YouTube Go, Google has mainly worked on four important aspects connectivity, cost, relatable and social.

Here’s how the product works and why it makes sense for India. In terms of connectivity, it is designed to work in areas with low or no connectivity. Users can choose whether they want to view the videos on Youtube Go in low and standard resolution. With the new product that is designed for India, users can also save videos for later on YouTube Go and share the downloaded videos with just one click.


In order to make the product reach all across the country, Google will also make YouTube Go available in 10 different Indic languages. The page is going to be a lot simpler with just 10 videos on the home page. YouTubers can go on and experience the product.

YouTube Go is inspired by India but it will be made available across many markets for Google. The product does touch on many key issues YouTube users face in India starting from poor connectivity to high data cost to language barriers.