Google has a clever way of promoting safe sex to its employees

Earlier this week we saw a funny post on Facebook from a Google employee who had just discovered a new company perk he'd never noticed before: "I'm Feeling Lucky!" condoms from the Mountain View campus health center.

The prophylactics pay homage to the search engine's iconic homepage button. 

Feelin Lucky



And they come in blue, red, green, and yellow, so Google employees can sport company colors while getting lucky.

Other social media posts show that Google's been giving out its quirky condoms for at least six years:


Google condoms at our company wellness center --


What's even more interesting than Google's current health center giveaway, though, is that cofounder Sergey Brin apparently once suggested that the company use its marketing budget to give out free, branded condoms to high school students.

That was back in the late 90s, when Google was only about a year old, and was Brin's second idea after Susan Wojcicki shut down his proposition to boost the search engine's brand awareness by "inoculating Chechen refugees against cholera," according to an excerpt of a book by early employee Douglas Edwards published in The Wall Street Journal. 

Good to know that Google's all for safe sex (and sex jokes). 

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