Government needs to ensure last mile connectivity soon for LG to start manufacturing in India smoothly

LG announces the first made in LG phones and Noida manufacturing plant from where about 1 million smartphones will be batched out in the first phase. But in a country where connectivity is the main problem, LG too perceives it as the main challenge.

“Challenges per if I say is all about how our consumers perceive things. We will launch 4G but do they have that facility to experience it all,” said Amit Gujral, head of Marketing, LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd.

“Our dream of connectivity lies in mobile phones... Private investments with policies have led to the boom of the IT industry. But the best is yet to come through data revolution. The combination of smartpones and internet is the perhaps the biggest game changer in the innovation of the industry,” said J S Deepak, Secretary, Department of telecommunication. He added that India today is the best place to manufacture devices and in a couple of years we will become one of the largest manufacture hubs of mobiles in the world.

At a place where Chinese smartphones is dominating the market and have already set up their base for manufacturing in India, Korean brand LG is just entring the niche market. How do they plan to enter the competition?

“Who decides the continuity is the consumers,” was all Amit had to say to the question.

He added that an extensive lifestyle research has been done to study the behaviour of the Indian consumers before setting up the manufacturing plant. And, all the things that today’s young generation demands from a phone are all in place, design, camera and 4 G for all.

(Image credits: indiatimes)