Health guru Mickey Mehta’s 5 golden rules to lose weight the correct way

Health guru Mickey Mehta’s 5 golden rules to lose weight the correct wayI read somewhere “Once on the lips, forever on the hips”. People who are struggling to lose weight, finding motivation to hit the gym, or even putting that morning alarm on snooze before going for a run can understand this statement very well.

We all have sinfully indulged in food and people who have a tendency to gain weight have always felt guilty about it. So much so, that they’ve gone on crash diets for days only to compensate for two scoops of ice-cream.

But who are we fooling? We all know that losing weight is not an overnight miracle and it takes determination and a lot of perseverance.

“Losing weight should not be a punishment at all. It should be like a celebration as you have to treat your body with compassion and not violence,” said health guru Mickey Mehta, who has trained who’s who in film and corporate industry.

The core objective should not be only weight-loss but overall well-being as in today’s day and age, there is nothing like a healthy life.

So, in order to set your goals in the right direction, Mehta suggests following mantras to lose weight.


1. A good combination of diet, nutrition, breathing workout, rest massage, helps a lot. A person who is obese will have to cut down his/her meal portions. They will have to eat extreme amounts of fibre and natural and wholesome food to promote pro-biotic action in the body and also to keep the BMI up.

2. An obese person should avoid refined sugar, grease, refined carbohydrate, processed food, coloured food, etc and will have to eat very healthy, drink a lot of hot water, green teas, vegetable juices, etc.

3. Nothing works like a slow burn. “You cook food on a slow fire and it will cook very well. You cook food on a big fire and it will burn. So, slow, relaxed with proper regulated breathing, and incorporating hands and shoulders and back and chest while walking will really help,” said Mehta.

4. Chest expansions, hands up and down, circling your hands back and forward and lots of breathing should be incorporated. Also, at intervals, one should stand, do twisting, do side bench, forward, backward bending and do these combinations. One needs to be very persistent if one is to work out for 7 days a week. For people who are obese, Mehta suggests alternate times of the day. One can swim, one can cycle and even repeat the whole process again. Obese people can also work out thrice a day in intervals of at least four hours on empty stomach and it will truly help the cause better.

5. If the objective is only weight loss, one can exercise morning and evening both. But by the rule of the thumb, morning workouts are ideal for healing, health, wellness and well-being.

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