Here are the Navy records of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle


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Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Oscar best picture nominee "American Sniper," starring Bradley Cooper, brought renewed attention to Chris Kyle's record as the deadliest sniper in US military history.


Kyle served four combat tours in Iraq and had 160 confirmed kills, and his superiors lauded his battlefield achievements in newly released records, obtained by MuckRock.

Scoring in the top tiers in each category, Kyle's records are speckled with phrases like "a complete warrior," "recognized leader," and "PROMOTE HIM NOW!"

The evaluation reads, "Unsurpassed courage under fire while conducting sniper operations in support of [redacted] during the siege of Fallujah. His display of unparalleled bravery and skill as a sniper contributed significantly to the success of this strategic victory over the insurgents while reducing the risk of harm to coalition troops."

Here are details from the "comments on performance" section in the evaluations:

kyle record



Following the evaluation, Kyle was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

Kyle was killed in 2013 after being shot by a former Marine who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Here are the records via MuckRock:

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