Here's How Much Pizza Costs In Every New York City Neighborhood

How much are you paying for your pizza? Journalists at NPR did some very important research and released some great infographics averaging the price of a pie across 237 mostly urban U.S. neighborhoods.

To start, NPR looked at the median price of all cheese pizzas based on data provided by Grubhub Seamless, and included neighborhoods in five cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

We took a look at New York City's numbers here. Not surprisingly, pizza costs more in Manhattan than any other city. Midtown Manhattan averages around $23 a pie. In parts of Philadelphia, you can purchase a pie for just $8.
Animal New York points out that nothing matters more when choosing a place to live than the proximity to a decent slice, so now you can use this data to figure out where you'll move to next.

Here are the prices of pizza in Manhattan neighborhoods. The size of the dot represents the amount of pizza places in that particular 'hood.


Here's the same research for Manhattan's surrounding boroughs:

To see where other cities' pizza falls in comparison, visit NPR's Planet Money blog here. These infographics were created by Quoctrung Bui at NPR's Planet Money, with permission to use.