Here's What Business Insider Is Going To Do With The Boatload Of Money We Just Raised...

Business Insider Office Photo 2

Will Wei, Business Insider

Business Insider, the publication you are reading (thank you!), just raised a lot of money, William Launder of the Wall Street Journal reports.

Mr. Launder is right!

We just raised $12 million.Advertisement

The money came from our awesome existing investors, including Jeff Bezos, IVP, and RRE, as well as Gordon Crovitz, one of our board members and the former publisher of the Wall Street Journal (an excellent publication that we love that we recently surpassed in readership) and others.

We are grateful to our investors for having confidence in us.

But we are even more grateful to you, our readers, for reading us. Without you, we would still be three guys in a loading dock (our original office). Or worse.

The main reason we raised the money is that we want to make it even more helpful and convenient for you to read us.

So what will that mean, specifically? It will mean:Advertisement

  • More great digital journalism (including long-form narratives and investigations)
  • More photography
  • More video
  • More data and graphics
  • More design and product development
  • More technology (including faster speed and better personalization)
  • More subscription services (deep news and analysis for industry professionals)
  • A Europe edition (based in the U.K.)

You'll see a lot of this over the course of this year and next.

In the meantime, thank you again for reading.