Here's What Happens When Kids Today See The Original Game Boy For The First Time

We've already seen how kids react to seeing a Sony Walkman, but what about an old gaming relic?

The original Game Boy was released 25 years ago, so the YouTube comedy series "Kids React" placed the portable 8-bit gaming device in front of some kids and recorded their reactions.

Most kids seemed confused at the bulkiness of the device, but usually recognized the iconic Game Boy pretty quickly.

Inserting a game cartridge and turning the device on both proved to be a challenge. Kids these days are used to downloading games on smartphones.


The real fun, however, started when they were presented with some of the original Game Boy accessories, such as the popular magnifying light accessory.

They also struggled to understand how the magnifying accessory worked, with some saying that "it looked like a TV."

Other hilarious observations included "Girls can play this, why can't it be called Game Boy Girl?", "So you kept it, but why?", "Wait a minute, you don't just turn it on and get the apps?", "I like it but also hate it", and "Did you really enjoy playing this?"

The best quote of the entire thing? "I kinda feel sad for the people in the past."

You can check out the full 7-minute video below.