Here's What Pret A Manger's President Thinks Every Time You Pronounce The Name Wrong

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Pret A Manger



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Pret A Manger is an international fast food chain that has its name mispronounced all the time.

We spoke with Martin Bates, president of Pret U.S., and asked the brand name and the pronunciation issues that come along with it in America.

"I'm kind of okay with it," he said. "If people can't pronounce it I think I'm okay with that. It has this sort of charm to it."

Still, the management at Pret U.S. have talked about changing it up.

"We've always had this debate on changing the name," said Bates. But in the end, the name appears to have stuck. "We do occasionally hear the 'pret-ah-mang-gur,'" he said. "But I think people are mostly used to us now."Advertisement

So, how do the folks at Pret want you to pronounce their name?

Well, they don't want you to put on too much of a fake French accent. Make sure you say the "t," and don't say "mang-gur."

It's "pret-ah-mahn-zhay."Advertisement

And if all else fails, just go with "Pret" (rhymes with "Brett").

The name means "ready to eat" in French and is a nod to prêt-À-porter, which means "ready to wear" in the fashion world.

But a name, however it's pronounced, isn't everything.Advertisement

Pret A Manger wants to capture a wider audience who care about becoming a little healthier, but still get their food fast. That's what it's focused on.

"That's more endearing to people than whether they can pronounce the name or not," said Bates.