Here's Why Celgene Is America's Best Employer


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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Celgene Corp. is a major player in the biopharmaceutical sector.


The Summit, N.J.-based company not only discovers, develops, and commercializes novel therapies for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases, it's also considered an extraordinary place to work.

Celgene has topped Business Insider's Best Employers in America ranking, based on exclusive data from PayScale, for two consecutive years.

Why? For starters, PayScale found that 91% of Celgene's 5,500 employees - half of whom are based in New Jersey - are highly satisfied with their work.

"We like to say we have big-company success with small-company feel … where each of us comes to work every day understanding our unique role and firmly believing that we not only can make a difference but we make the difference to patients every day, worldwide," says Alan Colowick, M.D., a Celgene president.


Most of Celgene's employees are scientists and biostaticians working in discovery, clinical research, and health economics. About 35% of its staffers hold master's, Ph.Ds, M.D.'s, Pharm.Ds, and other post-graduate degrees.

According to PayScale, the median salary of experienced Celgene workers is $116,000, comparable to major tech companies such as Google and Yahoo.

Another perk: Employees have the opportunity to regularly interact with the patients who rely on the company's therapies to improve and sustain their lives, which helps develop a sense of purpose in their work. PayScale found that 93% of Celgene employees consider their jobs meaningful.

"We are a company of people committed to delivering on aspirational objectives that meaningfully improve the lives of patients in need," says Bob Hugin, chairman and CEO of Celgene. "We are continuing to build a company where every employee's best work is supported and celebrated for the impact it has on patients' lives."

Celgene, which became an independent firm in 1986, says its employees possess the same traits as the company's founders: independence and entrepreneurial spirit, courage to think differently, and commitment to the highest standards of medical innovation.


The high degree of flexibility also keeps employees smiling. PayScale found that 97% of employees say they have a lot of flexibility with their work schedules.

"Everybody matters," says Philippe Van Holle, senior vice president of global human resources. "We honor the contributions that every person makes, and we encourage people to take new responsibilities, explore areas of growth. We also respect that everybody has full lives and does whatever they can to create a work-life balance."

Employees seem to like it, because they tend to stick around. According to the company, 45% of Celgene's global employees have been with the company for two to five years, and 25% have been there for six years or more.