Here’s how the rest of the world feels about India ahead of the general elections

  • Improving India's stature on the world stage is one of main planks of India's current prime minister's reelection campaign.
  • Most Indians also believe that India's importance in global affairs has increased over the past 10 years.
  • But data shows that other countries other world don't share the same opinion.

The world’s largest democratic event, the Indian general election, is coming up. And, most Indians feel that during Modi’s tenure in the country, India’s importance has grown on the global stage. But, most other countries around the world don’t seem to share that opinion, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center (PRC).

Modi has been highlighting the growing stature of India on the world stage as an impetus to his reelection.


But most people around the world don’t see a significant change in India’s role when it comes to world affairs.

Only majorities in six countries — nearly a third of the 26 countries surveyed — around the world believe that India’s role has grown in the past 10 years. And, most of those countries are developed economies like France, Japan and South Korea.

How Indians view India's global stature versus how the rest of world sees IndiaBusiness Insider India

Citizens in a few countries like Brazil and South Africa even believe that India’s stature on the global stage has waned over the years, viewing India as less of a global power.

On average, most nations believe that India's importance in world affairs hasn't changed significantly over the past 10 yearsBusiness Insider India

But, in most countries around the world, people believe that India is just as important as it was before. It’s not that India is more or less important, but just as important as it has always been.

In comparison, 70% of countries around the world feel that China plays a more important role in the world today than it did 10 years ago. But despite its increasing importance, only 19% believe that it would be better for the world to have China as a leading power.

Even when it comes to Russia, most countries believe that Russia’s global role has grown rather than shrunk over the past decade.


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