Here's what it's like to fly inside 'The Residence,' the insanely luxurious private cabin that costs $23,000 one-way



Sam Huang

Travel blogger Sam Huang has a penchant for outrageously luxurious flights, but he recently got to sample perhaps the most opulent commercial experience in the skies: the Etihad Residence.


The Residence comes with a full bed, a butler, and a private bathroom.

"Everything about the space is simply brilliant," he wrote on his travel-deals blog, TopMiles.

Huang got to check out the Residence on a flight from Sydney to Dubai, which would have cost $23,000 one way.

Huang's ticket was actually for another part of the plane, in a luxury "apartment" that retails for $6,500. Huang got it for $108 dollars and 60,000 AAdvantage miles, he says. Business Insider has previously confirmed with airlines that his booking methods are legitimate.


But The Residence was empty that flight, so the crew let him spend some time in it. Here's what the whole experience was like, in Huang's own words.

Note: All photos and text are used with permission.