Here’s why SAP wanted Infosys to rename its AI platform

Last April, Infosys unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI) platform Mana amid much fanfare. It enabled automation of repetitive tasks and helped pick insights from data.

However, soon after the unveiling, German software behemoth SAP accused that Mana sounded similar to SAP's inmemory database platform called Hana, describing it as a trademark violation and alleging confusion for key consumers.

Hana, other than being a database platform, also provides real-time analytics.

SAP had given Infosys time till April 2017 to tackle the issue, which led to Mana being renamed to Nia last month, which Infosys presenting as a new upgraded system.

"SAP and Infosys are pleased that the companies have been able to mutually resolve all concerns regarding the use of their respective trademarks. Following the announcement of Infosys Mana, SAP raised concerns about the similarity of the name to SAP Hana. In the interest of the larger partnership with SAP , Infosys has agreed to discontinue the use of Mana over a period of time. SAP and Infosys believe this will help strengthen the organisations' strategic partnership, while maintaining focus on delivering business value for their clients," said a statement from both companies.

Since Infosys has one of the largest SAP practices estimated at over $1 billion, it was imperative for the IT giant to remain on good terms with SAP.

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