Housing.com might be battered but it is not broken! Gears up for another sale deal

After failed sale deals, rough one year, Housing.com is gearing up for another sale deal and this time it is in talks with Snapdeal and News Corp.

Housing.com may seal the sale deal by the second quarter of 2016, depending on how it projects growth to its possible buyers and of course the best price.

Housing.com’s rough weather started when its co-founder Rahul Yadav was fired over his misbehaviour.


Since Yadav’s exit, Housing.com revamped top management and laid off several employees.

Housing.com’s sale deal with Quikr also fell apart over terms and the investors also did not open their purse strings.

Recently, Housing.com said it would close all business units including rental and commercial listings to focus on its home-buying and selling business.


"At a time (when) capital is limited, we are hard pressed but need to allocate 100% of our resources and mindshare on winning the BUY-SELL market. In addition, we need to be much more efficient with our resources,” CEO Kothari had written to his employees.