How Qatar Got So Rich So Fast [PHOTOS]

Doha Skyline at night


Lots of countries have fossil fuels, but few have done as well as Qatar to take advantage of them.

While Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, and others have fallen victim to the resource curse, when an abundance of resources leads to economic distortions and limited growth, Qatar has done much to reinvest energy money and diversify its economy. Support from the U.S. as well as decades of proven reserves have also fostered stability.

The tiny peninsula has the highest per-capita GDP in the world at $98,800 - and even that number may vastly understate the actual wealth of Qatar's 280,000 citizens. Qatar has enough money to build a huge metropolis in the desert and to win the right to host the 2022 World Cup, allegedly through millions of dollars in bribes.Advertisement

We've gathered photos to tell the incredible story of Qatar.