How to add channels to your Roku device in three ways

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  • Adding channels to a Roku streaming device is quick and easy.
  • You can added channels from the Roku app, online channel store, or from the Roku device itself.
  • Free and paid channels can be added the same way. Paid channels just require an additional step (paying).

Adding a new channel to a Roku streaming device is a straightforward process, and there are multiple ways to do it.

You can add free and paid channels, and those channels can be added in three ways - from the device, the Roku mobile app, or Roku's website.

Here's how to do each:

Add a channel from your Roku device

1. Go to the Home menu by pressing the home button on the remote.

2. In the left sidebar, scroll down to the Streaming Channels section.

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3. Select Streaming Channels to open the Roku Channel Store.

4. Choose a category to browse or go to Search Channels to find the channel you want to add.

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5. Press OK on the remote to open channel details.

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6. Select Add Channel (free channels) or Buy (paid channels) to install the channel. You will be prompted to complete your purchase if you chose a paid channel.

RokuDevice_5Michelle Greenlee/Business Insider

Add a channel using the Roku mobile app

The Roku app is available free for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

1. Open the Roku mobile app.

2. Tap the Channels menu found at the bottom of the app.

roku mobileMichelle Greenlee/Business Insider

3. Scroll through channel categories or search to find the channel you wish to install. You may be prompted to login to your Roku account before continuing.


4. Tap the channel icon to learn more.

5. Tap Add Channel to add the channel to your device(s). If the channel you selected is a paid channel, you will be prompted to complete your purchase.

RokuApp_3Michelle Greenlee/Business Insider

Add a channel from the web

1. Go to the online channel store at and login with your Roku account information.

RokuChannelStore_webMichelle Greenlee/Business Insider

2. Browse channel categories or search for the channel you wish to add.

3. Click Details to view channel details such as synopsis and pricing.

4. Click + Add Channel to add a channel to your device(s). If you selected a paid channel, you will be prompted to complete your purchase.

roku add channelMIchelle Greenlee/Business Insider

Tips and tricks

  • Channels added through the online channel store and Roku mobile app will not show up in your channel lineup for 24 hours. Roku devices check for changes every 24 hours. If you want to view newly added channels immediately, you can go to the system menu to force the device to check for an update. Any new channels added online or through the Roku app will then install on your device.
  • Anytime you add a channel to your account, it will be installed on all your Roku devices.
  • Your Roku account keeps track of all your channels so you can get them quickly anytime you add a new device to your account or in when you need to perform a factory reset.
  • You can set an account PIN (Personal Identification Number) in your Roku account to prevent accidental and unwanted purchases. The PIN will only be used for allowing purchase or channels to be added to your account.
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