I got a Personal Assistant…for free! You can too

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Who hasn't daydreamed about having someone to do the errands we all hate but can't avoid? It's boring, tedious and a waste of time. What if someone said you CAN have an assistant , that too for free! Seems too good to be true? Not anymore.

One lazy Friday evening while planning to leave office, even as I tried to drain as much of the free WiFi service as one possibly could, I came across an app - Haptik - Everyone' Personal Assistant. The impatient procrastinator that I am, I took it for a spin to see how good it actually is.

1. You are grounded.
My balance is running out, and I have to prepare for the routine Saturday night blasting from home. STD rate-cutter, that's what I need.

It's pretty simple, really. Just choose your network operator...

Voila! I'll get slammed at a discount this weekend! Moving right ahead.

2. Shed the flab
When your mother scolds you for your expanding waist line, what do you do? Join a gym.


3. The Girl!
Don't dare miss a date. Ever. Have to take 'her' out for a movie. Somewhere nice and cosy. Romantic...ahem ahem! Book tickets. Now!

Mulling ahead!

4. 'Do whatever you want' = DO NOT!
What after the date? Dinner. Ummm...but good restaurants would be pre-booked over the weekend. Can reserve a table somewhere nice?

You bet!

5. Tidy up!
Scruffy hair and shaggy beard - definitely not the perfect recipe for romance. Salon. I need a salon!


...and I felt love in the air!

In exactly an hour's time I had cooled my mom's nerves and set up a quintessential date. I look cool and am broke.

6. Last but not the least
Articles to write, income tax returns to file and work files piled up since infinity. With a jumpy boss and Monday round the corner...the last thing to do, really.

R.I.P Saikat Pyne
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